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Presbytery at The Life Center involves the ministry to an individual by a team of qualified prophetic ministers who seek to receive a prophetic word and God’s prophetic revelation on behalf of the individual for the purposes of edification, exhortation, and comfort.

1 Corinthians 14:3


Presbytery is ministered in a semi-private setting by a team of prophetic ministers who seek God for what He wants to speak to you. The only persons in the room are the prophetic team and those, usually ten or less people, who are receiving ministry from that team at that ministry session.


Presbytery ministry takes place on the second and third Friday nights of each month, following the evening message. Please check the website for any changes to this schedule. Once you have signed up as outlined below, you will be instructed at the end of the evening’s message as to what team will be ministering to you and to what room you should report for ministry.


If you have not received Presbytery within the last 12 months, then you are eligible to receive Presbytery.


For those who have received ministry within the last 12 months, we invite you to our prophetic ministry in the sanctuary or virtually on Facebook after service every Friday night.

We Look Forward to Ministering God’s Heart to You!

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For those living in the Metro Atlanta Area, we encourage you to sign up online prior to the Friday you wish to attend. This will expedite your sign-in process and help us plan for your arrival. If you do not register online, please arrive at 6:30pm to ensure you have plenty of time to register online and check-in. On-site registration closes promptly at 7:30pm.


For those living outside the metro Atlanta area, we offer virtual Presbytery. These spots are limited and often fill up quickly. Once registered, you will receive detailed instructions by 12:00pm the Friday of your scheduled Presbytery. The virtual Presbytery sessions begin after our service, usually around 8:30pm.

Interested in Supernatural Healing & Deliverance?


  • Please respond to every question in every section of the ministry application.

  • Email the completed form to


The ministry team will follow up within 5-7 business days. Thank you.  

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