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Our Story

Who We Are

The Life Center is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational body of Believers who have committed their lives to the expansion of the Kingdom of God through the equipping and mobilizing of saints to fulfill their God given mandate.


The Life Center is the place where believers gather to be equipped and empowered to be effective in all areas of their everyday lives. We aim to create an environment that allows a person to discover their purpose through hearing the voice of God while being developed to carry out what He has assigned them to do.


We cultivate an atmosphere of freedom and empowerment by hosting the presence of God through liberating Prophetic worship and Apostolic teaching.

Life Center ATL Church


We have been given a God-given mandate to equip and prepare the Saints for the work of the ministry in all realms of life. For over 30 years, The Life Center has taken this mandate seriously and offered training schools, workshops, conferences, and seminars designed to activate the Saints into their God-given gifts, callings and destiny.


Through the years the ministry has continued its basic schools and training classes, but has added many new and relevant courses and programs to its curriculum.


We continue to host and facilitate various schools, conferences, workshops, and utilize numerous other means available to train, equip, and mature Christians. We have carefully curated curricula and pathways that enable you to fully develop in your God given call at The Life Center and beyond. We offer a flexible and comprehensive plan that will allow people to participate in the areas of their interest at the level and availability of their time and calling.

What we believe

We offer comprehensive and modern schools, conferences and workshops to train, equip, and mature the Saints. With so many choices and activities, it can be challenging to attend all or many of the classes and events taking place at The Life Center. Our wide range of flexible and comprehensive ministry events will allow you to participate in the areas of your interest at the level and that your time and calling will allow.

Life Center Ministries
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