Learn about some of the trainings that we offer at The Life Center! Please be advised – these are not all active events – for all of our current events please see the events page.
Apostolic leaders, Christian worship, Life Center, Atlanta, GA

The Life Center’s Apostolic Training is designed to educate believers on the apostolic move of God, the third reformation of the Church and to provide a place for emerging Apostles to be taught, trained, mentored, and activated into their calling.

prophetic visions, Christian worship, Life Center, Atlanta, GA

Hearing the voice of the Lord is key to fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. The Life Center’s Prophetic training will activate you in discerning God’s voice for yourself and others. Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced training will elevate you into new levels of discerning His voice, regardless of the level of hearing you currently possess.

Advanced School of Prophets… This advanced prophetic workshop will allow you to flow in a deeper level of anointing to hear the Voice of the Lord. You will not only understand the prophetic flow but also how to receive and interpret prophetic pictures and visions. You will also understand the Seer Anointing and how to operate properly in prophetic decrees and declarations. Come and Rise Higher in Your Ability to Be a Voice for Him

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The Anointing

The Charge, prophetic training, Life Center, Atlanta, GA

The Charge

prophetic discernment workshop, Christian worship, Life Center, Atlanta, GA

The Prophetic Discernment Workshop

Supernatural Healing and Deliverance, Life Center, Christian Church, Atlanta, GA

The Life Center’s Supernatural Healing & Deliverance Ministry (SH&D) exists to teach, train, activate and mature Christians in healing and deliverance. The SH&D Ministry utilizes prophetic insights and the supernatural giftings of the Holy Spirit. The SH&D ministry school, the ministry teams, SH&D conferences and workshops are available as tools to identify root problems and minister

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The Life Center’s Introductory and Advanced School of Miracles are power-packed, interactive schools designed to turbo-charge your faith to see miracles flow whenever a need is present. Hands on activation, training and impartation will launch you into a higher realm of the miraculous and equip you to walk daily in the supernatural demonstration of God’s miracles in your life.

Evangelism training will equip you to represent the Lord to those who don’t know Him with effectiveness and power. Learn how to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit and your authority as a believer to introduce others to Jesus and personally demonstrate the reality of the love God has for them. They will encounter God in a fresh and real way.

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